Let’s Go: 12 Trips in 12 Months

morocco flowering trees

With the end of the year approaching, I started to look back on what I’ve done this year—more or less to figure out how I possibly could have wasted so much time.

I obsessively keep track of everything I do on my calendar, so it wasn’t hard to figure it out: I started a new job, I hung out with friends, I probably spent a lot of that time watching TV and doing a lot of nothing on the internet.

I also took a few trips this year: a short day trip to Baltimore; a week-long excursion splitting time between London and Paris; a summer field trip to Monticello; my first visit to New York City; a weekend in Philadelphia; and a nearly impromptu visit to Atlanta. I have a trip to Seattle coming up too.

I wouldn’t call myself a person that “loves to travel,” but there are many things I enjoy about traveling. Asking for recommendations. Organizing an itinerary. Researching every possible thing. Ok, these are probably the things people hate about traveling, but to me it’s the best. And I want to do it more often!

This year I’m resolving to take at least one trip a month (I first saw this idea on Paper & Stitch in January and have loved reading her travel guides this year). Whether it’s a day trip to somewhere nearby, a long weekend in a new city, or a trip to a new country. I will use my 20 vacation days to the fullest; I will not become a statistic.

I know, most resolutions start in January. But I’m going to mix things up and start with my trip to Atlanta this month—mostly in response to my mother’s question of “Why would anyone go to Atlanta?” Well, mom, you’re about to find out!

Share any trip ideas you have with me, or maybe come along!

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