It’s A Baby!: DIY Baby Shower Cake Topper

I’m finally getting to that age where people I know are having babies. I thought I had a few more years without having to pretend to know what any of the items on a baby registry are or receiving Snapchats of newborns.

With this new chapter also comes the new responsibility of making baby shower decorations. However, I’m still pretty clueless about what sentiments you’re supposed to say for baby showers. So I’ve come up with some that I think are pretty safe:

  • Happy Baby
  • Happy Impending Birthday
  • It’s A Baby!
  • You’re Having A Baby

baby shower cake topper

For this baby shower, I opted for a cake topper with my personal favorite option: “It’s a Baby!” Nothing says “I forgot to ask what the sex of your baby is” quite like it. It’s also a great option if you intentionally want to keep things gender-neutral. Or as an homage to The Office.

baby shower cake topper

DIY Baby Shower Cake Topper

I make all of my paper cutting projects using my Cricut Explore Air, which makes quick work of any project. This project took under 10 minutes from cut to glue. All you need to get started is card stock paper, a hot glue gun, and bamboo skewers.

This baby shower cake topper project can be found on Cricut Design Space. After you’ve cut out the flag, attach the flag to a bamboo skewer using a hot glue gun. And you’re done!

Baby Shower Cake Topper Cricut Design

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