Cookbook Club: Molly on the Range + Review

Molly on the Range Cookbook Club
Molly on the Range Cookbook

This month, my cookbook club took on the recipes of Molly Yeh and her first cookbook Molly on the Range. To give everyone the most options possible, they were allowed to pick anything from her blog, her cookbook, or her new Food Network show. Molly on the Range is a great cookbook to buy for any fans of Molly Yeh’s blog and anyone looking for creative takes on comfort foods.

The Menu

Molly on the Range Cookbook Club
Samosa Knishes and Roasted Potatoes with Paprika Mayo

The Good

As many of us are from the Midwest, we were very excited about doing this book. And it did not disappoint! I personally had a hard time picking a recipe because there were so many I wanted to try. 

On to the recipes: We all agreed the shawarma nachos and hotdish recipes would be good choices to make for a party or potluck. The samosa knishes would also make a great appetizer for any party.

The roasted potatoes, due to the addition of smoked paprika vs. the regular paprika the recipe calls for, resulted in a dish that one person said tasted like bacon. Take that as you will.

The fried green tomatoes gave one participant her first opportunity to deep fry something…and nothing caught on fire. A win for everyone!

After a very heavy meal of mostly starch and carbs, we took a break before moving on to dessert. I made the chocolate tahini cake with tahini frosting.  As a hater of cake, I was intrigued by Molly’s headnote for the recipe about this cake being loved by someone who also expresses their dislike of the dessert. And, to my surprise, I have to say that this is true! Even more so, as I brought a slice to work to eat after lunch. One taste-tester during the frosting stage said that the tahini made it “taste healthy,” which I think can be interpreted as less sweet than the typical chocolate-peanut butter combo.

Molly on the Range Cookbook Club
Shawarma Nachos

The Not-So-Good

Some noted that her instructions on her blog seem to be aimed at more experienced home cooks as they are vague at times. But many thought the instructions in the cookbook provided more guidance.

The opinions of the food were largely favorable. However, the maker of the brussels sprout rosti thought that while they were not difficult to make, they were not the most flavorful and suffered from the same problems that all latkes do (sogginess). The maker of the fried green tomatoes’ only criticism was that the recipe used way too many dishes (a lot to clean up).

Molly on the Range Cookbook Club
Chocolate Tahini Cake with Tahini Frosting, Everything Bagel Mac and Cheese, and Chicken Pot Tot Hotdish featuring ketchup

And the Winner Is…

The favorite dish of the night was the everything bagel mac and cheese, followed by the buttermilk-battered fried green tomatoes. The crunchy topping was a big factor (and people surprisingly preferring their mac and cheese served lukewarm). And the fried green tomatoes were a hit because who doesn’t like deep fried food.

Pull Quote: “I smell like a state fair. I think it’s what Molly would’ve wanted.”

Alternative Working Title for This Cookbook Club: Molly on the Range, or Variations on the Theme of Potatoes

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