Disneyland Travel Guide

Disneyland Travel Guide

The last time I went to Disneyland I was 4 years old. Needless to say, I remember none of it. Thankfully, I’m an adult now and can live out any childhood fantasies I have!

Going to Disneyland as an adult is way better than going as a kid. You can ride all the rides. You can buy whatever you want and stay as long as you want. And you’ll probably actually remember it.

Disneyland Castle - Disneyland Travel Guide

Rides Worth Waiting For

Most of the rides at Disneyland are aimed at children. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them! Here are the rides that I thought were worth waiting for and that you’ll want to ride over and over again.

Tomorrowland - Disneyland Travel Guide

Disneyland Park

  • Space Mountain – This was easily my favorite ride in the park. If you like roller coasters this is the closest you can get to one in Disneyland Park. And it’s extra fun because it’s in the dark and has a weird 80s techno soundtrack. But the best park is the picture at the end. Remember to smile!
  • Splash Mountain – No one remembers the story of Br’er Rabbit from Song of the South that this ride is based on. Which is probably for the best.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – The best part of this ride is the animatronic mountain goat holding a stick of dynamite. ‘Nuff said.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure – 
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Mad Tea Party at Night - Disneyland Travel Guide
Mad Tea Party at night
  • Mad Tea Party – Although this ride is definitely aimed at young children, it can be even more fun for adults. If you want to spin fast, you’ll need the added strength! The best time to ride is at night when the lanterns are lit.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – This ride is way less creepy now that they redesigned it to match their franchise. Though, you could argue that have Johnny Depp lurking around everywhere on the ride is just as creepy. I would recommend this ride if you want some time to sit and get out of the sun.
  • Sadly, the Haunted Mansion was closed when we were there for spookification (Halloween decorating), but I know this one is worth going to.
Pixar Pier - Disneyland Travel Guide
Pixar Pier

California Adventure

  • Incredicoaster – This roller coaster is incredibly fun (unintentional pun). And the characters are incorporated into the ride in a cool way. 
  • Grizzly River Run – This was definitely my favorite ride in California Adventure, even though you’re likely to get a bit soaked. The fun in the ride is not knowing which of you will be the unlucky one to take the biggest blasts of water. Thankfully, we never hit the surprise geyser.
Grizzly River Run - Disneyland Travel Guide
  • Radiator Springs Racers – I don’t really care for the movie Cars, but this ride is really fun. It starts out as a character story ride and then at the end you “race” another car full of riders. 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout – This ride is basically Tower of Terrors. If you don’t like drops, don’t ride it. I had psyched myself out believing there would be even bigger drops than there were, which ended up making it a lot scarier. 
Mickey Pretzel - Disneyland Travel Guide

To Eat and Drink

While the rides are the most obvious attraction, the food is just as exciting.  And quite honestly, if you live in a city, none of these prices are really that outrageous. So eat everything you see!

  • Mickey-Shaped Things – I don’t care what it is; I will probably buy it if it’s Mickey-shaped. A soft pretzel? Yes, definitely. An ice cream bar? Sure, why not. If you ask me, they don’t sell enough Mickey-shaped foods items.
  • Chimichangas – I didn’t think a beef and bean chimichanga could be so good, but when you’ve been walking around for hours this can be a very satisfying choice.
Dole Whip - Disneyland Travel Guide
Your dole whip float umbrella should match your nails
  • Dole Whip (and Dole Floats) – What an absolutely magical creation. If you’re a pineapple lover, you are required to get a dole whip.
  • Hand-dipped ice cream – I enjoyed these hand-dipped ice cream bars so much more than the Mickey-shaped Nestlé ones (shhh don’t tell Mickey). If you want an even crazier dessert option, you can get a sundae in a kitchen sink.
Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream - Disneyland Travel Guide
Give me all the toppings you have
Alien Macaron at Pizza Planet - Disneyland Travel Guide
The macaroooooon!

Pixar Fest Foods

My sister and I were pumped to see that we would make it just in time to get the Pixar Fest foods. During these celebrations, they create special items that are available for a limited time. Here’s what we had:

  • Alien Macaron – A surprisingly good macaron with a delicious lemon filling (style and substance)
  • Funnel Cake Fries with Fruity Pebbles – If you like funnel cake, then these are probably a dream come true. They were my dream and my reality.
  • Al Pastor Huarache – Yes, I ate things other than desserts. This was a tasty meal and definitely not something I expected to find at the park.
  • Habanero Meatball Cone – This was probably one of our favorite food choices. The cone is basically a large breadstick filled with pasta and meatballs. That’s what I call innovation.
  • Temperamental Taste-Shifting Corn Dog – Three different fillings in one corndog. Unfortunately, we only liked the first two. And it was one of the heaviest corndogs I’ve ever encountered.
  • Mike Wazowski Sourdough Bread – Yes, it’s just sourdough (very good sourdough), but I couldn’t resist something shaped like Mike Wazowski.
Funnel Cake Fries at Award Wieners - Disneyland Travel Guide
Funnel Cake Fries at Award Wieners

This post is the eighth in my 12 Trips in 12 Months challenge. See my trips to Atlanta, SeattleKansas CityWindsor and LondonNew OrleansMinneapolis, and Los Angeles.

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