Before and After: Upgrading an Empty Wall

Wall shelves with plants

When I find myself staying in a place with cable television, I do this thing where I mindlessly watch hours of HGTV. Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Love or List It. None of the people that go on these shows are particularly likable and I’m fairly certain all of the married couples should just get divorced. How can your relationship work if one of you likes mid-century modern architecture and the other likes farmhouse? How?

This foray into the world of iffy home renovations and people being overly picky about open concept houses makes me long for my own home to demo and redesign. But alas, this is not my fate. Probably from too much avocado toast or contributing to the declining marriage rate. So I settled for redoing a particularly empty wall in my bedroom.


Empty wall
An empty wall

I hadn’t really thought twice about this empty wall. It was just there. But what you can’t see is the opposite wall, which had a pair of shelves overflowing with plants. I’d look at it and think, “I’ll get around to reorganizing that some time.” But somehow, it just kept accumulating plants (I know how they got there—I bought them).

Thankfully, my solution to most space issues is simply to add shelves (more on that later).  As I do with any project, I took to Google. I always feel a little silly googling lengthy phrases like “shelving above bed for plants,” but hey, it works. Then the endless internet searching begins for the imaginary shelves I’ve created in my head that also have to be within my budget. Lucky for me, I found them quite quickly and waited for a free afternoon.


Wall Shelving Ideas - Plant Wall
Plants galore!

The result: The space looks much less bare now! And the hidden benefit is that my plants are out of reach of my plant-loving cat.

The shelves were relatively painless to put up. I had a bit of a disagreement with the nail anchors. Even though I am a firm believer in them for most hanging projects (see: the bathroom vanity that fell out of the wall without anchors), the ones provided somehow made the shelves less stable. So you can start taking bets now on whether these will fall on my head in my sleep.

Either way, I love my new shelves and it looks there is some newly open real estate for more plants…


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