Dressing Your Cat Up for Halloween

Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess

I know what you’re thinking. How could you have forgotten to get a costume for your cat? It’s a common mistake. Most costumes on the market are for dogs because you can parade them around while you go trick-or-treating and everyone will go “awwww how cute!”

People don’t react the same when they see you walking a cat. Most likely because you can only get as far as the door, and then said cat just flops over. But you can still dress your cat up for Halloween even if you aren’t going to parade your cat around the neighborhood. Because it’s hilarious, and everyone loves to see an animal dressed up in a costume.

This year my cat Dame Maggie Smith paid homage to her namesake with a Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey costume:

Dame Maggie Smith cat Dowager Countess Halloween costume
You can hardly tell the difference between Maggie Smith and cat Maggie Smith.

She hated it. Or she was just in character. Who’s to say.

This costume cost under $10 to make and only took about an hour and a half of my time (then an additional hour of trying to get my cat to sit still for a photo and laughing at her). Which I honestly think is a worthwhile investment.

I’m sure you’re now feeling inspired to make a costume for your cat, too. So, here are some unsolicited tips for making a Halloween costume for your own cat:

  • Use felt. It’s the cheapest material you can come buy and your cat will most likely try to destroy the costume you lovingly created.
  • Trick your cat into hanging out with you so you can measure them for their costume. Treats help. My cat loves attention and thinks measuring tapes are just strings to play with. Win-win.
  • Consistency is key. And it will help you think of ridiculous costumes for years to come. This is Maggie’s second year paying homage to her namesake. Last year’s costume was far more ambitious:
Dame Maggie Smith cat Mother Superior Halloween Costume
People forget that Dame Maggie Smith was in Sister Act.

Happy Halloween from me and Dame Maggie Smith!

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