Born to Rum: Hosting a Summer Tiki Party

There’s nothing better than a summer night. Right, Danny and Sandy? Sure, you could just host a barbecue and have some friends over to enjoy nights like these. But, why not take it to the next level and throw an elaborate summer tiki party? This year I threw my second tiki party (that makes itContinue reading “Born to Rum: Hosting a Summer Tiki Party”

Winter Olympics-Inspired Cocktails

The Olympics are the only time when I will watch sports or express patriotism (both classic American pastimes). This sporting event occurring every two years changes my core personality. Do I want to hear a story about someone defying the odds/overcoming tragedy/etc.? If it’s during the Olympics, you bet I do! Do I need toContinue reading “Winter Olympics-Inspired Cocktails”

A Month of Christmas: New Holiday Traditions

I’m the kind of person who is The Grinch for 11 months of the year. For one month a year, I am filled with a kind of Christmas spirit akin to that of someone who just learned they are a bad person from a couple of ghosts. Simply put, I love Christmas. This month wasContinue reading “A Month of Christmas: New Holiday Traditions”

Some People Just Can’t Handle Their Cotton Candy: Boozy Cotton Candy Milkshake Recipe

Note: I love watching TV. And I love making desserts. This is the first recipe in my series of television show-inspired desserts,¬†Watch Party.¬† I have very little self-control when it comes to certain things. I wouldn’t say I ever purposefully binge-watch something, but I will spend an entire week using any of my free timeContinue reading “Some People Just Can’t Handle Their Cotton Candy: Boozy Cotton Candy Milkshake Recipe”

Cookbook Club Picks for Beginners

Since I’ve already convinced you that you need to start a cookbook club, you’re going to need some cookbook options. Below are all of the books my cookbook club has used so far. If you’re wondering why there are only six books, it’s because we love to repeat when the book has a large amountContinue reading “Cookbook Club Picks for Beginners”

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start A Cookbook Club

Back in January 2016, I made a resolution: I was going to start a cookbook club. I had read about cookbook clubs many months before, but wasn’t sure it was something that I could do. Admittedly, I wasn’t a great cook. Cooking meat terrified me (JK it still does). I didn’t know how people wereContinue reading “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start A Cookbook Club”