Dressing Your Cat Up for Halloween

I know what you’re thinking. How could you have forgotten to get a costume for your cat? It’s a common mistake. Most costumes on the market are for dogs because you can parade them around while you go trick-or-treating and everyone will go “awwww how cute!” People don’t react the same when they see youContinue reading “Dressing Your Cat Up for Halloween”

It’s A Baby!: DIY Baby Shower Cake Topper

I’m finally getting to that age where people I know are having babies. I thought I had a few more years without having to pretend to know what any of the items on a baby registry are or receiving Snapchats of newborns. With this new chapter also comes the new responsibility of making baby showerContinue reading “It’s A Baby!: DIY Baby Shower Cake Topper”

Make It Mini: Convert Your Favorite Pie Recipe to Individual Pies

Pie is great. I love almost everything about pieā€”the versatility, the relative ease, the not-being-cake. The only thing I don’t like about pie is serving it. That fateful moment where everyone watches you make a mess of your once-pristine dessert. That first slice is always a minor travesty. No amount of whipped cream can coverContinue reading “Make It Mini: Convert Your Favorite Pie Recipe to Individual Pies”

Cat Cupcakes Tutorial

Sometimes you’re asked to help plan a wedding celebration at work for your coworker. And sometimes you get to make that celebration cat-themed because he has three cats and no one can stop you. For such a special occasion, I decided to make cat cupcakes because more cats are always better. What’s great about theseContinue reading “Cat Cupcakes Tutorial”