Joshua Tree Travel Guide

After our day of drinking and architecture in Palm Springs, we hit the road and headed to Joshua Tree National Park. Driving from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree is when you notice that you’re actually in a desert. The roads stretch endlessly with few outposts along the way. We entered through the south gate ofContinue reading “Joshua Tree Travel Guide”

Palm Springs Travel Guide

After our days in Disneyland, we woke up early and headed straight for Palm Springs. It’s really easy to forget that you’re heading into a desert until you see the temperature slowly increasing on your phone as your drive. By the time we reached Palm Springs we were squarely into the 100s and surrounded byContinue reading “Palm Springs Travel Guide”

Before and After: Upgrading an Empty Wall

When I find myself staying in a place with cable television, I do this thing where I mindlessly watch hours of HGTV. Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Love or List It. None of the people that go on these shows are particularly likable and I’m fairly certain all of the married couples should just get divorced.Continue reading “Before and After: Upgrading an Empty Wall”

Disneyland Travel Guide

The last time I went to Disneyland I was 4 years old. Needless to say, I remember none of it. Thankfully, I’m an adult now and can live out any childhood fantasies I have! Going to Disneyland as an adult is way better than going as a kid. You can ride all the rides. YouContinue reading “Disneyland Travel Guide”

Los Angeles Travel Guide

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When you have very little vacation time, you have to pack your trips to the point where the vacation itself feels like work. This Labor Day weekend, I tested the limits of my vacation perseverance with a trip to the West Coast. When you live on the East Coast, aContinue reading “Los Angeles Travel Guide”

Minneapolis Travel Guide

Last month, my roommate Megan and I headed to Minneapolis under the pretense of going to the Minnesota State Fair. Or maybe it was to escape the unforgiving humidity and heat of DC for the milder temperatures of the Midwest. Or it was our enthusiasm for mid-sized Midwest cities. I’ll let you be the judge.Continue reading “Minneapolis Travel Guide”

New Orleans Travel Guide

Sometimes it seems like suddenly everyone is taking a trip to the same place (Looking at you, Iceland circa 2017). This year, New Orleans has appeared on multiple “best┬áplaces to go” lists and hosted so many conferences I would be surprised if you told me your professional conference was held anywhere else. This is dueContinue reading “New Orleans Travel Guide”

Windsor, London, and The Royal Wedding

When it was first announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would marry in Windsor, my best friend Anna had an idea: we were going to go to Windsor for the Royal Wedding. At first, I thought she might be joking. But she was quite serious about her proposal. Anna partly grew up in Windsor.Continue reading “Windsor, London, and The Royal Wedding”

Plant Primer: Houseplants for Beginners

After you own more than 10 plants, it’s likely that you’ll be labelled as a “plant person.” Which typically means that people will start asking you questions about plants. And because you are definitely a plant person now, you’ll jump at any opportunity to talk about plants. My favorite question to answer is what theContinue reading “Plant Primer: Houseplants for Beginners”

Kansas City Travel Guide

When I told people I was going to Kansas City, the most common response was “Oh…um… do you have family there?” No, I do not. But I do love BBQ, and isn’t that enough of a reason to take a trip somewhere? As a Midwesterner, Kansas City reminded me of what I miss about livingContinue reading “Kansas City Travel Guide”