Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookies

I am a big fan of the chocolate-raspberry flavor combo. It’s the perfect solution to the oft-asked question I face when picking a dessert: Do I want chocolate-sweet or fruit-sweet? I mean, there really is a huge difference between those kinds of sweet. And the wrong choice could lead to a disappointing dessert experience. AContinue reading “Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookies”

Make It Mini: Convert Your Favorite Pie Recipe to Individual Pies

Pie is great. I love almost everything about pie—the versatility, the relative ease, the not-being-cake. The only thing I don’t like about pie is serving it. That fateful moment where everyone watches you make a mess of your once-pristine dessert. That first slice is always a minor travesty. No amount of whipped cream can coverContinue reading “Make It Mini: Convert Your Favorite Pie Recipe to Individual Pies”

Cat Cupcakes Tutorial

Sometimes you’re asked to help plan a wedding celebration at work for your coworker. And sometimes you get to make that celebration cat-themed because he has three cats and no one can stop you. For such a special occasion, I decided to make cat cupcakes because more cats are always better. What’s great about theseContinue reading “Cat Cupcakes Tutorial”

Some People Just Can’t Handle Their Cotton Candy: Boozy Cotton Candy Milkshake Recipe

Note: I love watching TV. And I love making desserts. This is the first recipe in my series of television show-inspired desserts, Watch Party.  I have very little self-control when it comes to certain things. I wouldn’t say I ever purposefully binge-watch something, but I will spend an entire week using any of my free timeContinue reading “Some People Just Can’t Handle Their Cotton Candy: Boozy Cotton Candy Milkshake Recipe”

Matcha Cookies with Black Sesame

Before I bake, I always scour the internet to make sure I am making the best version of a recipe possible. I’m that way about most things, though. I look at every “best of” list I can find before picking a book. I have fallen down an Amazon black hole looking for the best-value bakingContinue reading “Matcha Cookies with Black Sesame”