Tiki, Do You Love Me?

About six months ago, an idea came to me seemingly out of nowhere. There’s probably always some part in the back of my mind that is on the lookout for tiki-related pun names to be used for my never-ending tiki parties (My favorite, which will never be acted upon because, well you can figure outContinue reading “Tiki, Do You Love Me?”

Cocktail Hour: Let’s Have a Tiki

Theme Background For the third and final tiki party of the summer, we celebrated tiki in modern times. After our throwbacks to the golden era and the dark ages, it seemed only fitting that we should end on a high note. While the books I have used for past menus are from the last decade,Continue reading “Cocktail Hour: Let’s Have a Tiki”

Cocktail Hour: Tiki Meets Disco

Theme Background For my last Cocktail Hour, I celebrated the golden era of tiki. But that didn’t last forever. By the end of the 1960s, tiki was relegated to the strip malls. With the rise in popularity of disco in the 1970s, tiki was all but squashed. While tiki and disco likely never co-existed inContinue reading “Cocktail Hour: Tiki Meets Disco”

Cocktail Hour: The Golden Age of Tiki

This year I decided to host three tiki parties, one during each of the summer months. For one thing, it gives enough reason for people to invest in a proper tiki wardrobe. And, selfishly, it allows me to get a bit weird with the theme of each party. Tiki is already a theme, you say.Continue reading “Cocktail Hour: The Golden Age of Tiki”