Cocktail Hour: Tiki Meets Disco

Theme Background For my last Cocktail Hour, I celebrated the golden era of tiki. But that didn’t last forever. By the end of the 1960s, tiki was relegated to the strip malls. With the rise in popularity of disco in the 1970s, tiki was all but squashed. While tiki and disco likely never co-existed inContinue reading “Cocktail Hour: Tiki Meets Disco”

Cocktail Hour: The Golden Age of Tiki

This year I decided to host three tiki parties, one during each of the summer months. For one thing, it gives enough reason for people to invest in a proper tiki wardrobe. And, selfishly, it allows me to get a bit weird with the theme of each party. Tiki is already a theme, you say.Continue reading “Cocktail Hour: The Golden Age of Tiki”

Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookies

I am a big fan of the chocolate-raspberry flavor combo. It’s the perfect solution to the oft-asked question I face when picking a dessert: Do I want chocolate-sweet or fruit-sweet? I mean, there really is a huge difference between those kinds of sweet. And the wrong choice could lead to a disappointing dessert experience. AContinue reading “Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookies”

Winter Olympics-Inspired Cocktails

The Olympics are the only time when I will watch sports or express patriotism (both classic American pastimes). This sporting event occurring every two years changes my core personality. Do I want to hear a story about someone defying the odds/overcoming tragedy/etc.? If it’s during the Olympics, you bet I do! Do I need toContinue reading “Winter Olympics-Inspired Cocktails”

Some People Just Can’t Handle Their Cotton Candy: Boozy Cotton Candy Milkshake Recipe

Note: I love watching TV. And I love making desserts. This is the first recipe in my series of television show-inspired desserts, Watch Party.  I have very little self-control when it comes to certain things. I wouldn’t say I ever purposefully binge-watch something, but I will spend an entire week using any of my free timeContinue reading “Some People Just Can’t Handle Their Cotton Candy: Boozy Cotton Candy Milkshake Recipe”

Matcha Cookies with Black Sesame

Before I bake, I always scour the internet to make sure I am making the best version of a recipe possible. I’m that way about most things, though. I look at every “best of” list I can find before picking a book. I have fallen down an Amazon black hole looking for the best-value bakingContinue reading “Matcha Cookies with Black Sesame”