Minneapolis Travel Guide

Last month, my roommate Megan and I headed to Minneapolis under the pretense of going to the Minnesota State Fair. Or maybe it was to escape the unforgiving humidity and heat of DC for the milder temperatures of the Midwest. Or it was our enthusiasm for mid-sized Midwest cities. I’ll let you be the judge.Continue reading “Minneapolis Travel Guide”

New Orleans Travel Guide

Sometimes it seems like suddenly everyone is taking a trip to the same place (Looking at you, Iceland circa 2017). This year, New Orleans has appeared on multiple “best┬áplaces to go” lists and hosted so many conferences I would be surprised if you told me your professional conference was held anywhere else. This is dueContinue reading “New Orleans Travel Guide”

Atlanta Travel Guide

I don’t go to the South. Or at least that’s what I make a point of telling people. I’ve only gone to Florida and Texas before, and have been informed that those do not “count” as the South. But when my friend asked if anyone would join her on her non-refundable* trip to Atlanta, IContinue reading “Atlanta Travel Guide”